Monthly Archives: March 2013


Hey folks I hope you are all fighting fit and ready for the start if another domestic blind cricket season, just 4 weeks to go! I wanted to quickly write a bit of an update of what has been going on behind the scenes during the winter break.

Firstly the BCEW committee and clubs have been busy planning the 2013 fixtures including those for the development leagues, international training and development and finals day. In the next few weeks all these dates should be finalised so please look out for this soon.

The second exciting development is with our website, as you will be aware this Blog was originally set up when we were between websites and needed a way of communicating online that myself and Dave G could manage ourselves.

As many of you will be aware we now have a shiny new website that has been carefully built and developed over the last few months its now pretty much finished interns of set up and is fully up and running.

As a committee we decided that it would still be of value to keep this blog but there are going to be some changes not all of which are fully ironed out at this stage.

Over the next few weeks when for example you click through to look at the rules for blind cricket you will find a link to this on our new website instead of the information all being on the blog.

As I said the blog will remain as the online social home of blind cricket match reports will still be posted here along with news and our twitter feed.

This season we are trailing producing audio recordings for the results of fixtures on a weekly bases so you will be able to find those here too and even subscribe to our audio updates using iTunes.

By far the best thing about this blog is that you can get involved too you can comment on posts or add your own opinion which is not possible anywhere else online. On this note if you would like to have a go at writing a match report please email it to us and if appropriate we would be more than happy to upload it.